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Last Updated: September 19, 2023, 08:06 IST

Chandrayaan-3 ‘Launches’ Ganesh Chaturthi in Tamil Nadu After Space-Themed Pandals Go Viral (Photo Credits: X)

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: Viral video of Chandrayaan-3 lifting off near Lord Ganesh’s idol in Tamil Nadu leaves viewers mesmerised.

Today, the curtains rise on Ganesh Chaturthi 2023, gracing us with its presence on this very day, September 19. The entire nation is currently swept up in the whirlwind of celebrations, as they fervently embrace this beloved Hindu festival. Whether it’s the artistry that adorns their homes, welcoming the beloved Ganpati Bappa, or the grandeur of pandal decorations, where creativity knows no bounds, the excitement knows no limits. However, this year, a celestial twist has been added to the mix, thanks to Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing on the moon’s south pole.

As Indians revel in the festive spirit, it’s no surprise that they’ve incorporated this momentous space mission into their Ganpati pandals. Across the country, various locales have ingeniously woven the theme of space into their celebrations. Among these, a Chandrayaan-3 replica in Tamil Nadu has taken social media by storm. Its uncanny resemblance to the actual ISRO spacecraft makes it appear as if a miniature ISRO spaceship has touched down on Earth.

In a viral video, the model hangs by the roadside, even taking off with flames and smoke, mirroring a rocket launch. Reportedly, a local designer named Shanmugam crafted this rocket as a tribute to Chandrayaan-3, a mission by ISRO, and placed it near the Lord Ganesh idol in Keelkattalai to captivate the attention of passersby.

A user on the micro-blogging site ‘X’ shared the video with a playful caption, jesting, “ISRO is yet to provide a statement at this moment.” Indeed, this spectacle demands ISRO’s attention, given the meticulous attention to detail and the heartfelt homage it represents.

Watch the Viral Video:

Meanwhile, the fascination with Chandrayaan-3 extends far and wide. In Kolkata, for instance, a pandal in Salt Lake’s BB Block puja has placed a model of the Chandrayaan rocket atop its structure. The organisers, Sree Sree Ganesh Chaturthi Mahotsav, have gone the extra mile. Inside the pandal, a Ganesh idol takes centre stage against a backdrop of a massive photograph depicting the moon’s surface, with Earth gracefully suspended in the distance.

But that’s not all – images of the lander Vikram and rover Pragyan adorn the background, cleverly conveying the impression that Lord Ganesh is seated regally on the lunar surface. To further immerse visitors in the experience, a voiceover commentary echoes through the pandal’s public address system, periodically recounting the countdown of Chandrayaan’s journey to the moon.

Indeed, Indians consistently excel at making the most of celebrations, and this unique way of commemorating Ganesh Chaturthi with a tribute to India’s triumphant space mission is nothing short of extraordinary.

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